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Recruiting talented immunologists?

Take advantage of the following hiring opportunities at IMMUNOLOGY 2016™ and reach more than 3,000 immunologists at all career stages!

AAI will provide complimentary job posting to any potential employer who is a registered participant or exhibitor of IMMUNOLOGY 2016™. This opportunity will allow employers to advertise and recruit on site during IMMUNOLOGY 2016™.

You may advertise your position via the virtual Jobs Board on the IMMUNOLOGY 2016™ website. By including a contact e-mail, you can screen interested applicants who send a resume or CV.

Advance Postings

To post job listings in advance of the meeting, employers must submit their listings to meetings@aai.org. Postings should include the e-mail address of the recruiter’s designated contact. Postings will be accepted beginning February 15, 2016 and will remain online until the end of the meeting. Ads will also be posted on the Jobs Board in the Exhibit Hall.

Posting Onsite

Employers wishing to post job listings after May 4, 2016, must bring their listings printed on 8½” x 11″ paper to the AAI office in the Washington State Convention Center, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Ads submitted onsite will be posted on the Jobs Board in the Exhibit Hall.

Save thousands of dollars in recruiting expenses!

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